Standing up for journalists

To the editor:

Today I joined Jeff Flake on the Senate floor to defend the First Amendment. A free press is how we know what’s going on around us and have access to information that isn’t censored by the government. It is at the core of our democracy.

My dad spent his whole life as a journalist. And in the course of his career he did everything from call the 1960 election for John Kennedy as a stringer for the Associated Press to take tear gas outside political conventions.

I believe in the First Amendment and a free press. That’s why I asked Attorney General Jeff Sessions about it twice in hearings last year. Unfortunately, he wouldn’t commit to protecting journalists and making sure they could do their jobs.

Last week, the President even called the libel laws of our country — which protect the First Amendment and our reporters — a “disgrace.” What I think is a disgrace is if we have an administration that doesn’t protect and believe in the First Amendment.

We can’t stay silent about this. Will you add your name to mine to stand up for journalists and the First Amendment?

Amy Klobuchar

U.S. senator