Big reward offered in Cosmic Challenge

To the editor:

In a Dec. 21 letter to the editor, “Proof Earth Orbits the Sun,” Harold Shuckhart does a nice job of explaining the Doppler Effect and how that “could” relate to the Earth in a yearly orbital movement around the Sun. Thank you to Mr. Shuckhart for being a rare one, in taking the subject seriously enough to take the time to write a thoughtful response.

The key word here, however, is COULD — as, geometrically, a Doppler Effect would work just as well if our Sun instead moved around the Earth (while simultaneously acting as a kind of focal point for the rest of the cosmos). Almost any serious cosmologist in the last 90 years will agree that a Sun-centered or Earth-centered — or even non-centered — cosmic model can be made geometrically equivalent, as far as orbits are concerned.

However, in fact, astral bodies are more than simply orbits. Since 2008, there’s been offered “The Cosmic Challenge”; a now $50,000 reward to the first person who makes a plausible case for the properties of our solar system bodies within the paradigm of a NON-geocentric system.

The implication here is that an Earth-centered cosmos is in fact not only workable, but that nothing else has yet been found to be so, when properties other than simply orbits are considered. All that is asked for this award is plausibility, rather than proof. Further details can be viewed here:

Greg Groebner