Support changes at City Hall

To the editor:

The full page advertisement in your paper last Friday prompted me to send this letter for all to read as I am in support of changes at our city hall, meaning the present council.

Financial decisions are made constantly that build our public debt to where it looks like Marshall wants to be in the same financial shape as the federal government — broke!

The bridge to nowhere. The promoting of a hotel. Fighting with the property owners virtually every time they do street improvements. Telling citizens that the Red Baron Arena deal was going to be $12 million and the last count I heard about was we are buried at $18 million. All kinds of over-runs. Where is our engineering department?

We have a wastewater treatment plant that is not up to the current EPA requirements and I have been told that the needed changes will be $9 million. They are “hoping” for grants from the state and federal government, but they are not guaranteed. So, with that needed upgrade hanging over our heads they have hired an architect to come up with a new city hall project that might be another $8 million. What if there are not grants and outside funding? We must fix the wastewater treatment plant. No one in their right mind wants the city to be polluting.

Perhaps we should get the wastewater problem fixed and the talk about a new city hall. From looking at the pictures in the paper showing committee members and from talking to the private citizens who have attended these meetings, it appears that six of the 10 committee members are city employees or council people.

What sense does that make? That committee should be made up of 100 percent tax-paying citizens and have the others for information, not voting on their new offices. Talk about a conflict of interest. I would like a new office also — especially if you pay for it.

Dave Bushard