One nightmare after another

To the editor:

This fairly short letter is to the citizens of Marshall and all of the city council. I am responding to the petition ad that was in Friday’s paper. Instead of contacting my ward councilperson, I am directing my thoughts to the entire council, including the mayor of 24 years.

For many years, perhaps eight or more, I have heard grumbling and horror stories from people like me who have had to deal with the inspection department which is supervised by the director of public works.

One nightmare after another. On and on it goes. There have been many complaints levied in the past and they get swept under the table and ignored. Nothing changes. Maybe it does — it gets worse!

I am one of the disgruntled people who almost was fed a line of hooey in regard to the expense levied upon the North Sixth Street residents in the form of a huge and unreasonable assessment. Once an attorney was hired by the neighborhood, we were able to have the sum reduced to a more believable level. Now, isn’t that a great way to govern and lead? My memory tells me that there have been a few other upset neighborhoods that had to do the same thing.

For you council people that aren’t new, the last election should have placed you on notice that the natives are restless and will not keep putting up with this treatment.

If you do not get City Hall straightened out, we will see two more of you next November…on the street.

John Martinson