Drastic changes needed at City Hall

To the editor:

I was tickled to see the petition ad in the paper Friday. I wish I would have known that it was being put together. Since I did not, I am doing as asked and contacting council people using your paper as a means. This way others can see that many, many citizens are very upset with City Hall.

For years I have heard grumbling and complaints constantly of how people were bullied and mistreated when doing remodeling, fences, additions, whatever. Complaints were made and nothing ever changes.

I have been a homeowner and rental property operator in Marshall for many, many years. It was not uncomfortable at all in dealing with the inspection department when it was supervised by Dale Howe and Duane Aden. They were by the book, yet reasonable and all for progress. Now it is like they want to make your life miserable and the extra expense in engineers and architects is staggering. No wonder Slayton had more new houses built in 2017 than did Marshall.

Things need to drastically change at City Hall. Heads need to roll and the spending placed under control. No more sugar-coating and ignoring. If it doesn’t there will be hell to pay next November. I understand that the Mayoral Office isn’t up for a vote for a few more years. What a shame. Perhaps we can call for an early election.

Ron Velde