Time to pray to reverse sinful culture

To the editor:

For those that say they believe in Christ Jesus: do you know what is going on in the world, your country, your state, in your community?

Do you know that one of the Senators from Minnesota speaks as though a Catholic should not be allowed to sit on the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals? Do you know that Senator Bernie Sanders believes that Christians should not be allowed to hold government jobs? Do you know a Michigan farmer was barred from selling his products at an East Lansing market because of his opposition to gay marriage?

The culture in this country says it is alright for an artist like Bruce Springsteen, “The Boss,” to withhold his talent when he does not agree with what is taking place with the laws in a state. But other artists are not allowed the same privilege. Like a cake decorator in Colorado or a florist in the state of Washington, a photographer in New Mexico, these people and others like them are not allowed to withhold their talents from something they do not want to be involved in. If you don’t know what I am writing about, maybe you are too busy with the world. Check James 4:4. Oh but Colorado, Washington, New Mexico and Arizona are a long way from southwest Minnesota. Well it has come home to roost so to speak. Right here in our area an artist has now been threatened because they do not want to be involved in what is taking place.

If you have not figured out what I am writing about it is same sex marriage. Now if your first thought is “who is involved,” I would refer to Galatians 5:17. If your first thought is who, that would be the flesh speaking. If your first thought is Lord Jesus; that would be the Spirit. Oh but, you say, I have relatives in that life style. Pray for them. If that relative was a thief would you support them in their sin? Supporting someone in their sin does not prove your love for them. Pray that they will come to Jesus. What can you do about the local situation? Pray for those involved, for the artist, for the person that made the threat and for the couple.

God is trying to revive His people, will you be one of them? Who is your God? Does he have power to control the weather? Mark 4:39.

Richard Weedman