Think about veterans suffering from disabilities and PTSD

To the editor:

In response to the articles regarding funds for a Military Memorial in Marshall and Minneota. While honoring our Veterans with a memorial is a very noble gesture and I applaud the efforts of those involved with the fund raising, keep this in mind: Think about how some of that money would be better well spent financially helping our Veterans who suffer from disabilities and PTSD as a result of fighting in those wars.

Did you know for Veterans living in the Marshall region in order for them to receive medical help for even the simplest of issues, they first have to go to Montevideo or Sioux Falls, S.D., and get a VA referral to allow them to go to their local doctor right there in Marshall?

This sometimes takes weeks to obtain the referral, then get the appointment and it also means the expense of taking time off work and miles of driving. Please contact your local medical center and Congressperson to push for a Marshall medical facility to become certified as a Veterans Administration medical provider.

Ruth DeSaer

Sleepy Eye