Reduce speed at 23/59 intersection

To the editor:

This letter is another plea to those who set the speed on Highway 23 past Marshall city limits.

Again, as stated before, towns in Minnesota, have advance signs alerting drivers that speed is to be reduced before entering a town where businesses and residential homes exist. Once in the residential area, the speed is usually 30-35 mph.

Highways 23 and 59 intersect in Marshall. Although the speed limit has been posted as 55, many drivers are going 60 or faster.

The latest crash at the Perkin’s corner claimed the life of a longtime dear friend. Every person, body and soul, matters.

Changing the speed limit to 45 on Highway 23 with clear signs stating “Entering the city of Marshall, 45 mph,” and striving to enforce that speed could save other lives. Perhaps our city council could address this matter.

Trudy Madetzke