Vigil protesters led by false headlines

To the editor:

This is in response to the people who recently gathered in Marshall to protest “The White Supremacists…” group, etc. As much as I appreciate and support their intentions, I believe they should not be led by false headlines plastered on front pages by many Deep State/Dark State media sources.

I say this because I listed to an audio stream-cast today and yesterday, which addressed this very issues, as well as other issues important to this nation. The source is Please read the lean-in/introduction to the broadcast of Aug. 16.

The so-called “White Supremacists group” is not even a real supremacist group. When you research this so-called “White Supremacists group,” you will be surprised at its origin. Clue: it was formed by a person named Kessler, a supporter of Hillary Clinton among other things, in January 2017. Just after the election of President Trump. How convenient!

Another group called Antifa, is a group of hate and used violence against Trump supporters during the election process. Oh, by the way, this group just raised their flag of hate and oppression in Minneapolis — at the Capitol I believe. No outcry from anyone, just acceptance. Seattle’s statue of Lenin still stands. My guess is it will continue to stand. In essence, you haven’t seen anything yet. More is coming. Hope we can keep it under control.

I reject the very media which attacks President Trump no matter what he says.

It as gotten so bad, they even complain about the “Trump Women” wearing high heels, which according to these journalists make them “17th century ‘prostitutes,'” subservient to men. Direct your prayers to our Creator relating to the correct groups of hate.

From this point on, I will let Rick Wiles and his support staff speak for themselves — you may even consider listening to the Aug. 15, 2017, broadcast as well. Give it a try. Again, www.trunews/listen.

Thank you for at least listening to information not being spoon-fed by journalists who have exposed themselves over the last few decades as having failed Journalism 101.

“Hate” is now defined as any response which questions the mantra from Marxists, Progressive, BLM, Occupy America, Right to United, Socialist, Antifa, etc. groups.

Roger Birner