Editorial contains ‘gross distortion’ of facts

In Thursday’s editorial, you commented on the Senate health care proposal with these words, “according to the CBO, the Senate bill would only kick 22 million people off of their healthcare by 2026.”

This is a gross distortion of the facts, a blatant lie; something that has, sadly, become the norm for the press today.

The facts are that the CBO projected the number of uninsured would increase by 22 million. Why? “Primarily because the penalty for not having health insurance would be eliminated,” as quoted from the report. This is not “kicking people off their insurance,” as you so carelessly stated. This is American citizens exercising their right to choose what is best for them, not being coerced by an overly intrusive federal government into telling them what they must have.

You will find Mr. Editor that many of us in southwest Minnesota are sticklers for accuracy and truth. You as a journalist should be as well or risk sharing the fate of CNN and other news outlets, whom the majority of Americans can no longer trust. You get a mulligan on this one but understand that many people form strong opinions on the basis of what they read in their newspaper. Not a good start for you as the new editor.

John Frerich