Thanks to first responders

To the editor:

As we celebrate National Police Week, I’d like to say thank you to all first responders:

A hero in his or her own right. A hero who has taken an oath to protect and serve (really take the time to think about this because it’s not just words on a sheet of paper). An extended family, not forged in blood, but bound by that same oath mentioned above.

It’s easy to only thank a first responder in your time of need, but let’s be honest, they are the reason we sleep easier and the reason we trust dialing the number 9-1-1. Night and day, day and night — first responders put on a uniform, give kisses and leave home for another shift. It’s not a life for the faint of heart and it’s certainly not one that should go unnoticed.

My appreciation is not for an individual, but for a family — a family that is bound by something invisible to the naked eye. It is bound by a thin red line, a thin gold line and a thin blue line.

For the family of a first responder, it is bound by a group of kiddos who are growing up with an understanding that they look up to real life heroes every day. A family bound by the promise to come home after each fire call, after each call out and after each shift.

My appreciation is for the first responder family who takes the good with the bad, the fire calls on 90 degree days, the EMT who is called out during a warm meal, the family who cares more about the well being of a stranger than the promise of tomorrow with their loved ones. You are a blessing and you have been wonderfully created to do great things. Thank you to our local first responders.

LaRae Koenen