Why should libraries be taken away from youths

To the editor:

Recent weeks have seen many letters to the editor, both for and against the upcoming building referendum by Marshall Public Schools. These letters, both for and against, have contained valuable points and important questions that needed to be asked. As a senior at the high school and a student representative on the school board, I have seen and learned about all of the schools in this district. In the high school, I have experienced classes that have been filled to capacity and have had friends in classes where three students have had to share two desks. Then, there is the middle school where increased enrollment over the past several years has forced classes to be held in hallways and in the old wrestling room, not ideal locations for anyone to learn. Then there is the unfortunate situation at West Side. The increased enrollment at West Side has seen its library turned into multiple classrooms with the library itself having to be moved into a small classroom. Additionally, West Side is costing the school district more and more each year to maintain it because of the old age of the building. The same can be seen at Park Side, where its beautiful library has been turned into multiple classrooms because of overcrowding.

When thinking about what your vote in this referendum will be, you should asking yourself several questions: Why should libraries be taken away from children who are in the early stages of learning to read? Why should Marshall’s children be forced into overcrowded classrooms that do not foster a healthy learning environment? Why as a voter should I deny the opportunity for a quality education to our youngest learners?

As a voter and student, I understand what the effects of the referendum passing will be. But unfortunately, I also understand the ramifications that will occur if the referendum fails and we have to start cramming classrooms full of children.

Ultimately, the decision is up to you as the voter as to how you will vote. The important thing is that everyone who is eligible to vote in this upcoming referendum needs to go out and vote so that no one can claim their voice or opinion wasn’t heard.

Kevin Berg