Who is picking up shortfall from tax credit?

To the editor:

I was alarmed, but not surprised, when I read the article in the April 11 Independent stating that farmer were likely to get a school tax credit, reduction, whatever, from a bill that is apparently waiting for Governor Mark Dayton’s signature. I had heard for some time that it has been in the works. This is probably a logical conclusion since the average farmer is 56+ and so very few of them are educating children.

Be that as it may, the alarming part is the rest of us will be picking up the shortfall. Worse than that, according to (MPS board member) Dion Caron’s comments, or reported comments, this credit is apparently retroactive. So, does this mean that a sizable portion of what they have been paying is also going to be returned to the balance of the tax-paying public?

I feel this referendum should be tabled until a more clear financial picture is available to the home-owners and other property owners that remain “holding the bag.”

Perhaps the school board and administration need to follow the advice found in many recent letters that want them to explore upgrading West Side, now that East Side is gone.

David Bero