Think twice about hosting a circus

To the editor:

Shame on the Red Baron Arena for hosting the Stardust Circus and its long-suffering “dancing” elephant, Anna Louise (“Circus comes to town,” April 22). Anna Louise was kidnapped from the wilds of Africa and, while female elephants stay with their mothers, aunts, and other family members for life, she hasn’t had the company of a single other elephant in decades.

Elephants don’t dance in the wild, but through the constant threat of physical punishment with a bullhook — a weapon that resembles a fireplace poker and is used on the most sensitive parts of elephants bodies, where their skin is paper-thin — Anna Louise is forced to do so for the circus.

I hope that the Red Baron Arena will think twice about hosting the Stardust Circus — or any circus that features suffering wild animals — again in the future.

Delcianna J. Winders

Animal Law and Policy Fellow

Harvard Law School