Support health and safety for all

To the editor:

The GOP may as well be known as the Great Ole Poisoners since they seem intent on backward moves toward a more toxic world. The Republicans and the president appear to have no concern for the dangerous chemicals put in our air and water, work areas and foods. Instead there is an unsubstantiated need to overturn science-based regulations because of the “burden” on business. President Barack Obama was able to grow jobs while supporting thriving alternative energy industries and regulation of toxins that affect human and environmental health. Why can’t the Republicans do the same?

The GOP wants to eliminate science research concerning chemical safety as demonstrated in the recent decision about glyphosate and cancer research. Then they move against banning chlorpyrifos, a neurotoxin found in many fruits and vegetables shown to have serious negative impacts on workers and ag communities and those who eat treated foods. Coal industries can now pollute local streams with impunity and the Gold House is now populated with climate change deniers. Neonics are unregulated on seeds and decimating bee populations.

Visuals that help educate about some of the dangers of toxins include the recent videos by researchers that show sperm, some double-headed, unable to do anything but swim in circles after being subjected to hormone disrupters commonly found in ag drugs like Roundup and in sunscreen lotions. Undescended testicles in boys, neurological disorders in children, and cancers are some of the results of these chemicals. In another example the callous indifference of the GOP leader to environmental concerns and safety of communities and individuals is demonstrated in the movie “You’ve Been Trumped.”

Those who purport to be concerned about our children need to realize that we are creating a sicker and more dangerous world for them as we ignore science and poison ourselves, our land, air and water and eliminate species of flora and fauna.

It’s good to act locally to help enact some changes. We can stop using these chemicals in our yards. In Marshall we can mandate that the city and county stop using poisons in our parks and trails.

Importantly we can vote for state representatives who support clean water and soil for all instead of those who promote the fouling of soil, water and air with excrement and poisons from industries and sport.

And we can examine the results that ensue when we elect those who worship gold over anything else. Consider the example we have given our children: a bullying leader who is deeply ignorant of history and science, does not read, is unable to understand complexity and nuance, is a fraud, dishonest, sexual assailant, and golf cheater, and he believes profit authorizes poisoning.

This Earth Day let’s remember we are borrowing the earth from our children, and science can help us be good stewards and support health and safety for all.

Patricia McLoone