Proposed plan for schools well thought out

To the editor:

We know that $39.4 million dollars is a lot of money. There is no getting around this fact. We want Marshall to continue to be a progressive and thriving community. Marshall Public Schools are an integral part of why families want to live in Marshall. Investing in the future of our community is vital and we have the opportunity to make that investment by saying ‘YES’ to our school referendum.

A diverse group of over 40 people from the Marshall community gathered over two years ago to assess the needs of current population trends that were presented by a state demographer. These trends are real. They are not going away. Countless hours by this large group of people were spent going over community feedback to make the best possible recommendations with intentional fiscal responsibility.

What we know:

• Community members want all of our students to be safe.

• Brown water coming out of the faucets and inconsistent temperature controls at West Side is not OK.

• Preschoolers are turned away because of limited space.

• Not all students are destined for a four-year college. We need to provide increased opportunities for career and technical education at the High School.

• School staff and students are meeting in previous custodial/storage areas because space is limited.

• An empty swimming pool at the Middle School is wasted space.

• Having students travel to and from a temporary trailer sitting in the front of Park Side wastes valuable learning and teaching time.

• Materials/labor and borrowing costs will continue to rise. The longer we wait, the more expensive the solution gets.

The proposed plan was well thought out. Our referendum addresses all of these concerns. Make an investment for our kids and for our community. Vote YES.

Charlie and Kari Ehlers, Stacy Frost, Lynn Schultz, Cathie Crouse