Investment will meet needs for our students

To the editor:

I have had the privilege of serving on the Marshall School Board for the last 10 years and have seen a tremendous amount of growth and development in both our school district and the larger community. As a result of that growth, and in preparation for continued growth, our community is faced with an important decision regarding the future of our facilities. We are out of space and have to find a way to serve our students to the best of our abilities.

A Community Facilities Study Committee spent several months evaluating and deliberating about the needs and wants for our district facilities. Their findings and the plan in front of the voters on April 18 is focused solely on the needs of students.

This year I am serving as a building representative for the high school. Marshall High School is now 12 years old and it has served us well, having met the needs of this community for over a decade. Fortunately, for us, we have continued to grow in enrollment, but the facility is now at maximum capacity. There are periods throughout the day where there are absolutely no rooms available. To share a real example of that growth consider that five years ago, our graduating class was approximately 170 students — this year is estimated at 210 and next year could be 230 graduates.

The proposed plan for the high school will add five classrooms and two science labs, increase the size of the agriculture, woods and welding rooms, and expand cafeteria and locker rooms space to meet the new student population. The current design of the high school is such that the proposed expansion will complement the existing facilities while accommodating our growth needs.

The building referendum being presented on April 18 is a major commitment and investment for our students and community. Our investment will meet the needs of all students and will serve future generations of students that follow. I encourage everyone to take the opportunity to ask questions, visit our facilities and most important, vote.

Bill Mulso