Advisory board urges citizens to vote yes

To the editor:

Our Marshall Community Services Advisory Board members choose to serve the community in part because of the strong partnership that exists between the local school district and the community. Access to community education, recreation programs, and shared facilities is available for all residents. This partnership allows endless opportunities for our youth, and most importantly, all citizens.

On April 18, the Marshall School District 413 Board of Education will be asking voters to consider approving a building bond referendum. There will be an additional question on the ballot to renovate the unused swimming pool area into a multi-purpose space at the Marshall Middle School. This referendum plan has been carefully researched and the information delivered quite clearly through informational meetings, presentations, and mailings.

As a Board, we are Marshall residents committed to the successes of programming through MCS. Our offerings provide educational and recreational opportunities for Marshall and the surrounding communities. Our continued success, along with a need to provide additional opportunities for a growing school population, is contingent on the availability of safe and reliable accommodations. Most adult and youth community education classes are hosted in school district facilities. As we continue to grow as a community, we need to focus our efforts on the progressive services that MCS can and needs to provide. These services would not be possible without the Marshall School District.

One of our Board members is a student in the Marshall Public Schools. Although he is extremely appreciative of the opportunities afforded him, he also is cognizant of areas that concern him. He sees the elimination of a computer lab to accommodate the overcrowding in classrooms. On a daily basis, he observes his peers’ siblings, relegated to education in a “makeshift” trailer. These concerns will not overshadow his own successes, yet they do cause him to question whether our school district will be able to provide a safe and enjoyable learning environment for the classes that follow him.

As members of the Community Services Advisory Board, we ask our fellow Marshall citizens to join us in voting “yes” to the building bond referendum. We are voting yes because the strength of our school system is one of the key cornerstones that provide our children a fortress of support. We want to make sure that the community, the churches, the school system, and the university work together as collaborative partners to strengthen the health, welfare, and education of our community’s most precious commodity – our children.

Marshall Community Services Advisory Board

Nathan Doose, Chairman

Gustavo Estrada

Dwight Watson

Jennifer Andries

Joe Blanchard

Becky Riess

Lucas Youngsma