More to think about for residents, businesses

To the editor:

How many of you have paid your Marshall Area Chamber dues for 2017?

Do you feel that you’re getting your money’s worth from this?

Do you even know what they do for you or do you just pay to belong?

Maybe ask and see where that money is going to. How much of it goes for salaries, expenses and how much really helps your business? Maybe your money is just for job creation and doesn’t do anything for you. There is one way to stop them from spending your money and that’s not to give it to them.

Some businesses in this town that pay these dues and taxes and in return help pay city employees’ salaries and those same employees want to take business away from us. They want to make Marshall the hub of southwest Minnesota. Really?

Where is the four-lane highway to begin with? Let’s create some jobs in this town. Like the Ralco project — let’s get them in here and all the jobs along with it. There isn’t any way, shape or form that this town can become bigger until some of this happens. Until then all the city is doing is bringing in new buildings to push people out that have paid taxes here for years.

Taking risks with residents and their money like that convention center project isn’t going to make Marshall bigger.

Recently a business owner and I talked to the powers that be in the city of Worthington, a city just about our size and on an interstate. They built a convention center — three years now and no large conventions. They draw business from about 50 to 60 miles away. They lost their wedding venue space so for them something like this was needed.

The point is there are no big conventions coming to Marshall. What area of the state are we going to draw from?

We are only going to draw from a 50- to 60-mile radius. Now a convention is 300 to 500 rooms, according to the rep working to help build this. This is what Marshall would be getting, they say.

Where on earth would we get a convention that size?

Even with the new hotel proposal we couldn’t hold it anyway. Nothing is coming out of the metro area to Marshall.

It’s important to remember a big softball tournament or any other sporting event isn’t a convention. All that’s going to happen is that they are going to pull business from struggling businesses already here that hold weddings, meetings, etc. Like I said, hurting businesses that have been in this town paying taxes and their salaries.

That’s why it’s crucial to stop paying those dues. Maybe if jobs are threatened they will quit spending and risking our money foolishly. It’s not the job of a city to borrow money which in return hurts businesses already here. When this project doesn’t produce the revenues and it goes south and the revenues are not there, who pays for the money borrowed then? Taxpayers?

I look forward to seeing you all at city council meeting April 18 at the Marshall Middle School and learn more about this ridiculous project.

Curt Hoffmann