Follow procedures during open forum

To the editor:

In response to the Darwin Sietsema letter to the editor in the Independent March 22, the Russell-Tyler-Ruthton school board does allow an open forum before the meeting.

One has to follow the proper procedure. Mr. Sietsema has addressed the RTR school previously.

With the previous administration our rights to address the board was taken away from the people. We were not given much of anything as far as the information on what was happening with our district.

I have truly enjoyed our board meetings since the new board members and Mr. Orcutt have been there. There are so many issues discussed and I feel like I know how our money is being spent and what needs to be done at all three schools.

The board has many issues to work out and I am confident when the time is right we will be given the right information. As far as talking to the board I hope whoever it is will speak with respect to the board members and administration.

Polly Dressen