Where does spending stop?

To the editor:

I am a lifelong Marshall resident and I am very concerned about a few issues coming up. I am mainly concerned as I have been watching many, many expensive city expenditures over the last several years and the unspent, but talked about, monies is a worry as it doesn’t seem to slow down.

Here are the worrisome areas right now:

1) A referendum for perhaps $39,000,000!

2) Talk the last year or so about a new city hall. How much will that cost — $3,000,000? More?

3) A small fortune spent on the athletic fields, rinks, etc. out by Southwest Minnesota State University and Marshall High School. Add-ons after add-ons.

4) Sponsoring a new hotel with city guarantees perhaps.

Where does it stop? When does it stop? What if the hotel deal fails? Who pays the bills?

How much do we still owe on the fairly new high school? Why did we close East Side if we needed more space? It is still being used as a school.

Is anyone watching these numbers? All of these deals affect our taxes or will if things don’t work out.

I am really not very happy and as a fairly young married man with a family, the potential expense to me is very unsettling.

Dan Stattelman