He spent your money

To the editor:

Charlie Sanow, the hypocrisy of your letter is unbelievable! You have spent the last 10 years voting for these so called “Marshall Bucks” projects. Let’s step back and take a look at your last few years as Lyon County commissioner. You voted for two property tax increases, a wheelage tax increase, a half percent sales tax increase and a $20 million court house renovation! I called the county administrator and he told me the wheelage tax and half percent sales tax are generating approximately $2 million a year. Two million dollars a year over 30 years = $60 million. If you add in the $20 million from the court house renovation, that brings us to $80 million. Eighty million and we haven’t even touched on how much the property tax increase will cost the residents of this county. In three short years, you Charlie, are responsible for redistributing close to $100 million from taxpayers to the Lyon County government.

Let’s not forget that prior to becoming a County Commissioner, Charlie served six years on the city council. I will leave those debt finance projects for another letter. In light of these facts, the words from your letter fall a bit flat. Maybe you have another reason for using the debt as a straw man in your resistance to the school referendum?

I’m sure Charlie is going to fire off rebuttal letter explaining how all the things he did were justified and that the money came from diverse sources. Don’t be fooled; he spent your money. In closing, I ask you to truly questions Charlie’s motives.

Jared Sanow