U partnerships

To the editor:

I recently met with Representative Chris Swedzinski, and I thank him for sharing his valuable time and thoughtful ideas with me. Our partnership with the Legislature is critical to the future of the U because the vitality of the state is inextricably linked to the upward trajectory of the state’s flagship public research university.

The University of Minnesota’s impact is deep and broad in your community and in all 87 counties of the state. We fulfill our land-grant mission in many ways, and that’s demonstrated in your area with more than 1,500 alumni – including physicians, dentists, scientists, teachers, business and civic leaders – who keep your community strong and vibrant. And, with our expertise and resources, we tackle and work to solve with local partners the state’s most pressing issues, from clean water to the educational achievement gap to agricultural challenges.

Thank you, again, Marshall for your support of the University of Minnesota. I look forward to visiting your community again soon.

Eric W. Kaler

President, University of Minnesota