Music to their ears

To the editor:

The Marshall Music Boosters would like to publicly commend Marshall Public Schools for receiving the National Association of Music Merchants’ designation of Best Community for Music Education. This is a tremendous honor and something our entire community can be proud of.

The efforts of the music department faculty should be applauded, as well as the school board and administration for supporting the music department. The Best Communities designation recognizes collaborative, from-the-ground-up efforts of teachers, administrators, students and parents who continually work to keep comprehensive music education as an integral part of the core curriculum. This is the key to the success of Marshall Public Schools’ music department and the Marshall Music Boosters are proud to support such efforts.

Marshall Music Boosters Board of Directors: Lisa Zmeskal, Pam Ellingson, Theresa Leek, Shelly Maes, Tim Ratz, Jill Kontz, Jennifer Deutz, Jennifer Hansen, Rob and Susan Holcomb and Tonya Tomasek.