Trump gets some credit for lower gas prices

As we head into the holidays, it is no secret that our wallets take a beating. According to a 2017 National Retail Federation survey, Americans spend an average of $795.97 from Thanksgiving through Christmas.

That is compared to $186.39 on Mother’s Day and $86.13 on Halloween.

Enter some good news: Gas prices are falling just in time to dampen the financial blow of the season. On Thursday, the average gas price in Missouri was $2.22, according to AAA. It was as low as $2.10 in Jasper County.

That is welcome news for those around the country, where the average price is $2.62 per gallon. According to The Associated Press, 48.5 million Americans are the roads for the Thanksgiving holiday.

Crude oil prices have dropped, and some credit must be given to President Trump. The United States has increased production domestically and done some clever maneuvering around Iranian sanctions.

“If you look at oil prices, they’ve come down very substantially over the last couple of months,” Trump said.

“That’s because of me. Because you have a monopoly called OPEC, and I don’t like that monopoly.”

— Boston Herald