Friendly reminder to cast your ballot

Hopefully by the time you read this editorial you have already voted or plan to leave soon for the polls. Today is what Democracy is all about.

According to Lyon County Auditor/Treasurer E. J. Moberg, the number of ballots already accepted by his office is slightly up from the 2016 presidential election. Minnesota Secretary of State Steve Simon reported Monday morning that more than 535,000 Minnesotans already voted. He said early voter participation in Minnesota is at record levels.

That’s good news, but we also know there are still a lot of eligible voters who are not participating in the election process. That’s too bad.

Some of us are tired of all the TV ads, door knocking and phone calls by the candidates. And a lot of the political commentators will tell you this is a referendum on President Trump. However, the reason to vote goes beyond the White House.

There are several seats up for election involving city councils, county commissions, state legislature and school boards in southwest Minnesota. The winners of these races will go to make important decisions in the next couple years that hit close to home. They will make decisions that will affect your pocket book just as much or more so than any decision made in Washington, D.C.

While some states are struggling with voter suppression, Minnesota and Lyon County can be proud it encourages every eligible voter to cast ballots.

Please vote. If you do, your city, county, school districts, state and nation will be that much stronger.

Maps of the polling locations are available on