Short Takes

Thanks for keeping us safe


A Murray County official called the struggle in keeping roads cleared during Monday and Tuesday’s blizzard “a losing battle.” At times, it probably seemed that was the case for everybody in southwest Minnesota. But once again, snow removal crews throughout the region did a great job under tough conditions in keeping roads safe as possible. Even with motorists encouraged to stay off the roads, some ventured out and got stuck. First responders did their best to respond to those situations. Chatter on the police scanner was continuous. Numerous calls for first responders to react to emergency calls were often followed with another call for a snow plow to lead the way to the emergency location. That takes teamwork among several agencies. The effort to keep people safe was tremendous.

Support for special education warranted


It’s good to hear that the Marshall Public Schools board put its support behind a resolution calling for state funding for special education facilities in the region. The resolution urges Minnesota legislators to invest in facilities for the Southwest West Central Service Cooperative. The cooperative provides educational services across an 18-county area, including Lyon County. The need is important because these students spend a lot of time in being transported to the few facilities that provide the needed services.

Protect senior citizens in care centers


The audit report that found “deep and pervasive failures” within the state Health Department’s Office of Health Facility Complaints is very disturbing. “They are rooted in poor management that was tolerated and ignored far too long,” the report said. The audit also reported that maltreatment complaints have risen in the last five years. Senior citizens living their last years of their lives should not be treated this way. Hopefully the Legislature and Gov. Mark Dayton will do whatever necessary to correct this situation.