Fixing the MNLARS mess

We have agreed that tossing another $43 million into the effort to fix the Minnesota License and Registration System (MNLARS) shouldn’t be undertaken without the assurance that it will actually fix the problem. But the Minnesota House’s refusal last week to approve an immediate $10 million to keep the repair process working isn’t going to do anything but slow down the process and punish the people trying to get their cars registered.

Rep. Paul Torkelson (R-Hanska), the chairman of the House Transportation Committee is making this as a political ploy. The House refused the $10 million on a party line vote, with the Republicans voting against it. This, said Torkelson, will increase the pressure on Gov. Mark Dayton and the administration to fix MNLARS. He’s still into assigning blame.

People who just want to get their license tabs and vehicle titles aren’t that interested in assigning blame. They just want the system to work.

Bringing the process of repairing the system to a grinding halt over who’s to blame isn’t fixing the problem, just making it worse.

The state government — Legislature and Administration — are responsible for fixing this mess. We wish they’d get started.