Short Takes

Can we ignore gun violence forever?


Our hearts go out to the families affected by Wednesday’s school shooting in Parkland, Florida, that killed 17 people and sent scores to hospitals. Just like the Las Vegas shooting rampage, the dead and survivors in Parkland are victims of the evil intentions committed by one individual. There are no easy answers to preventing tragedies like this. However, the leaders of this nation have been too afraid to hold honest discussions about gun violence and take some reasonable actions. There could be some viable solutions out there that don’t necessarily affect our Second Amendment rights. How many more mass shootings will it take?

Law enforcement makes right calls


Law enforcement officials should be commended on how they dealt with Wednesday’s standoff situation in Milroy. Law enforcement officials attempted to serve a warrant on a man, who then fled into a shed. It created a standoff situation that lasted hours. Officials took the necessary precautions on requesting Milroy School District officials to lockdown a nearby school so students were protected. Law enforcement officials also asked nearby residents to leave their homes until the suspect was in custody. The end result was a peaceful resolution with no known injuries to innocent people.

Tracy City Council can move forward


Tony Peterson gets to keep his seat on the Tracy City Council after Monday’s recall election failed to garner enough votes to oust him. There is a silver lining here. After two recent appointments, all seats on the Council are filled. The Council and the city can now move forward and hopefully avoid any more major controversies.