Short Takes

Cost of lighted stop sign worth it


Russell-Tyler-Ruthton’s interim Superintendent Lee Warne noticed vehicles “blowing through” the intersection at Lincoln County Road 8 and Tyler Street near the Tyler high school site. Worried of the possible tragic consequences, Warne did something about it. He urged his board members to work with the city and county to replace the present stop signs with lighted stop signs. “A child’s life is worth more than the cost of a stop sign,” he told the board. The board not only listened to Warne’s request, but acted on it. One week later, lighted stop signs have been ordered and Tyler City Administrator Robert Wolfington said they will be installed right away.

Act now to prevent future tragedies


A Christmas Day fire killed a Marshall man. He was among six killed in Minnesota this week. The investigation is ongoing, so reasons for the fire is unknown at this time. However, this might be a good time to review fire safety precautions in homes. Of course this includes making sure fire alarms are in working condition and candles are not used improperly.

Holiday volunteers deserve praise


Various groups worked hard during the past two weeks to make sure everybody in Marshall and the surrounding area had opportunities to celebrate the Christmas holiday. Two opportunities took place at two area churches. On Christmas Eve, a dinner was held by Ester’s Kitchen inside Christ United Presbyterian Church and another dinner was held on Christmas Day at Holy Redeemer Catholic Church. Volunteers working at these dinners deserve a lot of credit because of the amount of work that is required to hold these meals.