Maybe it’s time to look at sprucing up Main Street

With the new year comes new opportunities. So, now might be the time to think about giving the Marshall downtown area a fresher look.

Last week, the property management team of Al Greig and Norm Gregerson announced plans to sell a couple dozen commercial properties along Main Street and Third Street.

It was good to hear the new owners, Mike Galbraith and Brad Meulbroeck, realize the “important challenge” in keeping Main Street thriving.

However, the city of Marshall now has a new city administrator and a new year is just around the corner. So perhaps it’s time again for city officials to start working with the downtown property owners to examine the look and condition of some of the buildings along Main Street. Some of the building fronts look worn and tattered which is not a look that would be appealing for Main Street travelers to stop and spend money.

This may be a good time for building owners to start talking with city officials and the Marshall Area Chamber of Commerce to examine ways to finance renovations. For instance, Community Development Block Grants might be available.

No time like the present to start talking about improving the downtown.