Council takes positive step with task force

The Marshall City Council took a positive step forward Tuesday night when it voted 6-1 to approve the six proposed task force members who will review city ordinances on building standards and inspections.

The approving of the task force comes on the heels of an advertisement that was placed in the Independent calling for the review. More than 100 businesspeople signed the petition that was part of the ad.

The lone no vote was cast by Councilman Glenn Bayerkohler who expressed concerns that the task force was made up of mostly contractors. He argued the task force should be more representative of the Marshall community.

Marshall resident LeRoy Affolter also spoke out about the makeup of the task force. “You’ve forgotten about the consumer,” he told the Council.

These are legitimate concerns. Perhaps the city could have waited for the next Council meeting to appoint the task force. That would have given the city time to advertise the positions on the task force so other interested citizens could apply to serve. That step would have given the city time to appoint a more diverse task force.

So that was a missed opportunity.

However, that doesn’t mean this task force will fail to represent their community. The citizens named to the task force are well respected within the community. Each of them know the issues well. Each of them care about not just their businesses, but the well-being of the community too. We also expect these task force members will spend time to talk with other citizens who represent other walks of life.

Everybody in the room will have a stake in making sure a fair review of the ordinances and inspections will take place.