Remember, honor our military veterans

Data released by the Department of Veterans Affairs in September provided insight into how much pain some of our military veterans are experiencing. The data was pulled from the VA’s comprehensive examinations of more than 55 million records from 1979 to 2014.

One finding shows the suicide rate among middle-aged and older adult veterans remains high. In 2014, approximately 65 percent of all veterans who died by suicide were age 50 or older. And after adjusting for differences in age and sex, risk for suicide was 22 percent higher among veterans when compared to non-veteran adults.

This weekend, starting on Friday, different organizations and schools will be holding programs to honor our military veterans. While Veterans Day falls on Saturday, there are numerous events that the public can attend in the area. Right here in Marshall, the American Legion Honor Guard will lead a short flag raising ceremony at 8:05 a.m. at the Marshall Middle School.

A complete list of Veterans Day events can be found in Wednesday’s edition of the Independent. The same list can also be pulled up on

If you know a military veteran, don’t forget to thank that individual for their service. If you know a veteran who is having a difficult time coping, or you are a veteran who needs help, the Veterans Crisis Line is 800-273-8255.