Short takes

Time to listen more in Tracy


Politicians often times are accused of not listening to their constituents. Clear examples of this seems to be happening in Tracy.

Embattled Tracy city councilmen Tony Peterson and Bill Chukuske spoke to the Tracy Headlight Herald this week over allegations leveled by some disgruntled residents. Peterson is now facing a recall threat. “They’re going to get me screaming and kicking — that’s the only way they’re going to get me out of there,” Peterson was quoted as saying. “I’m not putting up with it anymore.”

Peterson referred the “it” as harsh treatment he has received from the public of late. Of course, the public is his voting constituents who have expressed concerns over his “raising of voice” and “bullying.”

Some constituents are accusing Chukuske of conflict of interest. One of the concerns involves health insurance for city employees which apparently has been serviced by Chukuske’s business. Peterson told the Headlight Herald that conflict-of-interest accusation is “nonsense” because Chukuske has handled the city’s insurance for more than six years.

Does that make it right?

Don’t miss ‘How to talk Minnesotan’


“How to Talk Minnesotan: The Musical” will be playing through October at Southwest Minnesota State University. The theater department is putting on the production that was written by former SMSU faculty member Howard Mohr. According to a 2013 MinnPost, Mohr demystifies Minnesotan as a second language for transplants and visitors by explaining useful phrases (the three workhorses: “You bet,” “That’s different” and “Whatever”), regional etiquette (the section on dessert negotiation will help you get all the dessert you want without appearing to want it) and cultural rituals (lutefisk, waving and snowbirds). The book has continuously remained in print for more than 25 years. If you are a Minnesota native or a transplant, this is a show you don’t want to miss.