Murray County has legitimate gripe over highway funding

It appears Murray County has a justified argument with Minnesota Department of Transportation.

Last week, Engineer Randy Groves reported to the board of commissioners last week that the county was once again passed over for maintenance funding for Trunk Highway 267 despite being high on the state list.

According to Groves, the state will occasionally turn back lesser traveled roads over to a county and give them funding to maintain them.

“They gave $9.6 million to Chippewa County for a turn back. Chippewa was farther down the on the list than Murray County,” Groves said. He also said it was a real let down after working with MnDOT on Trunk Highway 267 “all these years.”

MnDOT District 8 planning director Lindsey Bruer agreed that Trunk Highway 267 has been near the top on the turn back list. Bruer also admitted Murray County has been waiting for a long time and “we could have done more to get them ready.”

Bruer pledged more will be done in the future to get Murray County ready for future funding. Hopefully, MnDOT won’t forget Murray County and Trunk Highway 267 next time.