Local politics play major role in our daily lives

“All politics is local” is a common phrase in U.S. politics.

While political events in Washington, D.C. get maddening by the day, nothing hits closer to home more than the decisions made by our local school boards, county boards and city councils.

Two elections are coming up to allow voters in southwest Minnesota to make important decisions on who will represent them.

On Nov. 7, school board seats will be up for grabs in Canby, Lynd and Russell-Tyler-Ruthton.

Meanwhile, the Tracy City Council Monday night set the date at Feb. 13 for a recall election involving City Councilman Tony Peterson. Recall organizers accuse Peterson of bullying city employees and overstepping his authority on the Council.

The recall petition was signed by 130 Tracy registered voters. In a Tracy Headlight Herald article, Peterson calls those behind the recall “ax grinders.” However, there were just enough people unhappy with its representation on the Council who signed the petition to warrant the recall election. All registered voters in Tracy will now have the opportunity on Feb. 13 to decide if they want change on the Council.

Democracy is at work. Don’t let the opportunity to exercise your rights to participate that democratic process go by on Nov. 7 and Feb. 13.