Short Takes for Sept. 15

A friendly piece of advice to council


Lyon County commissioners were right to express concerns over Marshall’s desire to establish a new tax increment financing district (TIF). Revenue raised by the TIF would help finance infrastructure improvements at the Marshall industrial park. County Commissioner Charlie Sanow urged the Marshall City Council to reconsider how it uses revenue generated by TIF districts. “We believe TIF is a good tool,” he told the council. “When you misuse tools, things get hurt.” Wise words, because he pointed out that the city has continued to collect tax increments for other TIF districts, even after it recovered the funding they were made for. The city is currently “sitting on” on $4.4 million in excess revenue from four decertified TIF districts.

Special people recognized


Two southwest Minnesota residents were recognized this week for being special. First, the longtime owner of Borch’s Sporting Goods announced he’s going to take life a little bit easier from now on. While Chad Wyffels is still going to be part of the Borch’s team, he said he’s going to scale back his duties. “I’m ready to work less, have more freedom, more time off,” Wyffels told the Independent. “It’s time for younger blood with new ideas.” Wyffels is good example of the long-lasting entrepreneurship that is common in Marshall. He started working at Borch’s Sporting Goods, then called Poor Borch’s, right out of college more than 40 years ago. He deserves the opportunity to enjoy life more. Meanwhile, in Ivanhoe, Esther Wayland celebrated her 103rd birthday. Despite surpassing the century mark, Wayland told the Independent that “I don’t feel old enough to give advice.” But she did offer some very good advice: Patience is a virtue.

Those pesky mosquitoes are back


The buzz around town is that mosquitoes are making life outside miserable. They are making it almost unbearable to sit outside and enjoy the summer-like temperature at night. Jeff Hahn, an entomologist with the University of Minnesota Extension, said it’s not typical to see an influx of mosquitoes in the middle of September. But here they are.