Short Takes

Motorcyclists giving for 25 years


The Toys 4 Tots Motorcycle Fun Run in southwest Minnesota will be observing its 25th year, which is a remarkable accomplishment for any organization. It takes a lot of work from volunteers to keep such a venture to be successful. Lee Seiler and Phil Myhrberg should be commended for having the original vision to see the need and the fortitude to keep it rolling for 25 years. “Motorcyclists always have a bad rap. But come to find out, I think motorcyclists are probably the most giving people you’ll ever meet,” Seiler said. We agree.

Keeping an eye on Minneapolis police


Let’s hope something good comes out of the recent police shootings in Minneapolis. Acting Police Chief Medaria Arradondo announced on Wednesday that police officers now must activate their body cameras when responding to a call. In the past, officers were given leeway on when to run the cameras. His decision comes on the heels of the fatal shooting of Justine Damond. The officers involved in that July 15 shooting did not have their body cameras activated. “What good is a camera if it is not being used when it may be needed the most?” Arrando said at a news conference.

Good idea to hold public hearings


The Marshall City Council voted to call for public hearings on two proposed ordinance amendments involving building appearances. The ordinance includes rules for how a building or remodel should look, including what kind of materials are allowed in certain zoning areas. The current ordinance gives the city Planning Commission the ability to approve other materials for a building project. The Planning Commission has asked to remove the part of the ordinance giving them the power to make aesthetic decisions. One councilman feels the proposed amendment didn’t go far enough. James Lozinski said Marshall’s standards for building exteriors and landscaping were too restrictive, and getting variances was costly for many people and businesses. Holding public hearings for this issue is a good idea.