Short takes

Kicking the can down the road again


The can got kicked a little further down the road. On Tuesday, Lyon County Commissioners again delayed a decision on whether or not to help fund a veterans memorial in Minneota.

The saga started two years ago when Minneota American Legion Commander Jim Fink approached the commissioners with a request for some funding for the memorial. However, one of the commissioners found a state statute which indicated the county could not go outside the county seat to appropriate monies to communities outside the county seat. So Fink sought the help from State Rep. Chris Swedzinski and was able to persuade the Legislature to change the statute during the last session. After Gov. Mark Dayton signed the new law, Fink again approached the Lyon County Commission in April.

After some discussion, commissioners tabled the item to give county officials time to figure out how to fairly allocate funds to the Minneota project and other memorials in the county. During the June meeting, guess what? The commissioners put any decision on hold again.

Tuesday’s meeting ended with the same results. Commissioner Charlie Sanow said he didn’t have a problem with contributing to the memorial, but he felt the board needed more information to make a decision. Commissioner Gary Crowley tried push for a decision when he made the motion the county contribute 20 percent of the project funding, not to exceed $20,000. That was a reasonable proposal, but the motion died.

The commissioners say they need to examine the request during the next meeting later this month during 2018 budget discussions. How much further are they going to kick this can down the road?

Free van will benefit veterans


Good job by Lincoln County Veterans Service Officer Dan Kuss. He submitted an application with the a Twin Cities school that refurbishes vehicles as a school project. As a result of that application, Lincoln County Veterans Services will be getting a free 2007 Ford Delta III van with a handicap lift. Kuss says the department will now be able to help more veterans with transportation issues.

Township supervisors not buying it


Officials with townships within Lincoln County expressed their opposition to a proposed road plan during Tuesday’s commission meeting. The proposal called for the County to hand over some road maintenance to the townships so the county could save some money. The proposal calls for the townships to then apply for state aid to maintain the roads. The townships can then use those funds to pay the county to continue to service the roads. Township supervisors expressed their unhappiness with the plan. After listening to all the concerns, County commissioners decided to hold off on this one. This one does need more study. Road maintenance can add up to big bucks with possibly no guarantees the townships will receive the needed amount of state aid.