Minnesota West, SMSU partnership a winner

Higher education in southwest Minnesota received a boost Monday with the announcement of a collaboration between Southwest Minnesota State University and Minnesota West Community and Technical college.

The program is called “Blue to Brown” and it will allow students the opportunity to start their college careers with Minnesota West course work to earn an eventual bachelor’s degree awarded by SMSU. These students will live on the SMSU campus and will transfer to SMSU after successful completion of 24 credits in two to three semesters.

What is the advantage for students take advantage of this program?

It’s an opportunity for students who do not initially qualify for acceptance at SMSU. Students will enroll at Minnesota West to gain sufficient academic standing to qualify for acceptance at SMSU.

“It’s a benefit to students and our entire region,” SMSU President Connie J. Gores said. “As our region’s college and local university, this collaboration of Minnesota West and SMSU focuses each of our institution’s resources and talents to advocate our collective mission — student success.”

In other words, it gives young people a second chance or new lease at furthering their education and their future.

That’s a win-win for students and the community.