Short takes

More opportunities for girls


Marshall Public Schools is adding high school girls soccer beginning with the 2017-18 school year. The school board approved the new sport Monday. “This is something we’ve talked about for awhile and we’re sort of moving forward in order to get organized, if you will,” Superintendent Scott Monson said. This will create more opportunities for Marshall High School students to participate in interscholastic activities. This decision is not surprising, as this sport’s popularity has been soaring in the United States. It’s estimated that 3 million youths play in U.S. Soccer leagues.

Still looking, but not giving up


The search for Marshall’s Brandon Swanson is now in its ninth year. He was 19 years old when he vanished without a trace as he headed home on May 14, 2008. Only his vehicle has been found since. “Brandon is heavy on our minds all the time, but it’s worse when it’s the anniversary,” said Swanson’s aunt, Laura Swick, of Balaton. “And this year it’s worse because it happens to land on Mother’s Day. The search team should be applauded for not giving up and using all the up to date technology. But this case continues to be the area’s biggest mysteries.

Show some common courtesy


It’s a shame that public officials have to propose ordinances because people fail to believe in common courtesy. In Lincoln County, Community Public Health Supervisor Ann Orren proposed an amendment to the Clean Indoor Air Ordinance. She urged the county board to close a loophole found in the current policy where e-cigarettes were banned only in certain places like government property, hospitals and schools such as state-owned colleges. Orren is suggesting a 10-foot setback to smoking outside a building. During her presentation to the board, she told the story about a pregnant woman working at a bar where patrons were smoking e-cigarrettes. She quit because patrons refused to quit smoking inside the bar.