Firefighters save Main Street Ivanhoe

The fire that destroyed a business in Ivanhoe Friday morning was a good reminder of the important role volunteer firefighters serve in communities.

The Ivanhoe Times credited the quick response by fire departments in Ivanhoe, Hendricks, Arco, Tyler and Lake Benton for saving surrounding buildings from being destroyed or severely damaged.

After getting the call after 3 a.m., firefighters from these surrounding communities raced to Ivanhoe. The Times reported the Tyler Fire Department could see the flames from the fire when they drove past the Tyler Golf Course. The Hendricks Fire Department said it looked like the entire city of Ivanhoe was on fire when it was leaving Hendricks for Ivanhoe.

“We had one of the fire departments on the south side of the buildings, we had one from the west and Hendricks was on the north, Ivanhoe Fire Chief Shad Lipinski told the Times. “We had flames (jumping) to the surrounding buildings. The air conditioners and cooling units and the air conditioning piping on top of the back roof of the grocery store (Ivanhoe Community Foods, Inc.) had flames coming out of them.”

The Times also quoted Lipinsky saying the siding on the city office (Ivanhoe Community Center) was burning and melting the back window on the back wall of the Ivanhoe Community Center popped out and shattered from the heat.

“We kept the flames off the surrounding buildings,” he said. He said firefighters were afraid the entire Main Street could have gone up in flames.

But the damage was contained mostly to A.J.’s Automotive & Recycling business. That’s because firefighters from Ivanhoe and the surrounding communities raced to the danger and saved the rest of Main Street.

These firefighters are heroes.