SMSU students make connection with community

Education and community cooperation were on display Wednesday inside the Holy Redeemer School gymnasium.

Fourth and sixth-grade students put their science fair projects on display. The displays were impressive. The evidence was clear that the students put a lot of hard work into their projects.

Sixth-grade science teacher Sharon Wenker said the students start working on their projects sometime in November and December. She has noticed the technology increasing each year.

“They are guided more in class and encouraged to avoid some areas of science just because it’s hard to prove,” she said.

It was also impressive to see Southwest Minnesota State University students led by professor Loren Wiger judge the projects. Wiger said each of his students judge three different science fairs in the area.

“It’s good community service,” he said. “It’s a win-win for them (his students) and the students.”

We agree with the professor. The university and its students are a great resource for all of the southwest Minnesota communities. The older students can be good role models for the younger aspiring science students.

Hopefully this connection will inspire the younger students to also attend SMSU or other higher education institutions.