Short Takes for March 22

Tigers at state

THUMBS UP: Whatever place the Marshall boys basketball team finishes at this year’s state tournament, the team has done the city of Marshall proud this year – the 50th anniversary of the program’s first and only state championship. On Wednesday, the Tigers earned their first win at a state tournament since 1971, so it truly has been another historic season for the program. It’s actually been an historic season for the school’s athletic program overall, as the boys hockey team made its first-ever state tournament appearance a couple of weeks ago.

Shooting hoax

THUMBS DOWN: We were glad to see the quick response made by the Scott County law enforcement in reaction to Wednesday morning’s incident at a New Prague school building, but are troubled by the thought of someone calling in a shooting that never happened. In the end, it amounted to nothing more than a real-time drill – the only difference is, the parents of New Prague students were put through hell not knowing what was going on inside the building where their children were locked in their classrooms. The call, in which a 911 dispatcher was told there was a shooter on campus with an AK47 assault rifle and that there were a couple of victims, prompted a lockdown. Procedures and policies were followed inside and outside the school and nothing tragic came of it, but why some kid would be moved to call in a hoax like that with visions of Newtown still in our minds is beyond our comprehension. Hopefully, this youth learns a little something about making decisions and the consequences that can come when you make bad ones. Same goes for the person who called in a bomb threat at the very same school a day later.

Avera donations

THUMBS UP: Fundraising for Avera’s new cancer institute had a good month in February when North Star Insurance of Cottonwood donated $125,000 and State Bank of Taunton gave $100,000 for the new facilities. This week, the momentum continued as another $100,000 was donated – $75,000 from D&G Excavating and the Brian and Kris Gruhot family, and $25,000 from Lyon-Lincoln Electric Cooperative. The Avera Foundation set a fundraising goal of $5.45 million for the $12.9 million project. It’s clear this facility has the regional support needed to become a reality and we commend those who have stepped up so far.