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Jill Scott follows Maya Angelou’s footsteps with quote cards

ATLANTA (AP) — Jill Scott is following in the footsteps of Maya Angelou: The Grammy-winning singer is creating her own Hallmark Mahogany greeting card line.

Scott announced Wednesday that the “Jill Scott Collection will feature a variety of personalized messages written by Scott and curated from some of her biggest hit songs.

The singer said she wants to carry on Angelou’s tradition.

“She was a phenomenal writer,” said Scott, who has the same birthday as Angelou. “I was proud of that being an Aries sister. I also wanted to create cards I felt represented things a sista would say.”

Scott said she was approached by Hallmark five years ago about partnering with the company, but it wasn’t until last year that both parties met and she displayed her idea. The singer said she believes selling greeting cards is needed and profitable despite sending emails, texts and messages through social media.

“People still like to give cards. There are some traditionalists,” said Scott, who said Hallmark executives told her hard-copy greeting cards outsell the company’s digital ones.

“Some things just don’t go out of style,” she said. “Cards are a part of life.”

Scott said her collection will be different because the color combinations that she uses have meaning. Select cards are available online and in stores.

Polish town that once made tiny Fiats offers Tom Hanks one

WARSAW, Poland (AP) — A Tom Hanks fan in southern Poland says her town that once produced small Fiat cars is offering one to the actor.

Monika Jaskolska of Bielsko-Biala said Tuesday she was inspired last fall by photos Hanks posted of himself jokingly posing by Fiat 126p cars parked in Budapest, Hungary. The economy cars were made in Bielsko-Biala from 1973-2000 and the Poles still have warm feelings for them.

Jaskolska organized a public collection for a Fiat 126p for Hanks and received a huge response. A pre-1975 turquoise car has been bought and is undergoing a thorough overhaul at a private garage, at no charge. After a paint job, it is to be flown to Los Angeles.

“I hope he will love the car as much as I do,” Jaskolska told The Associated Press.

She still needs to contact his agents to make the arrangements. Jaskolska said Hanks is a great actor and a “very nice person, who helps others and deserves a present himself.”

Polish ATV rider Rafal Sonik, winner of the 2015 Dakar Rally winner on quad, made a large donation to the collection, allowing much of the funds to go to a local children’s hospital.

Actor Shia LaBeouf arrested on camera during NYC livestream

NEW YORK (AP) — Actor Shia LaBeouf was arrested in New York City early Thursday after he got into an altercation with another man during a performance art project that has seen him chanting “He will not divide us” in front of a live camera since Donald Trump’s first day as president.

Police said LaBeouf pulled the scarf of a 25-year-old man outside the Museum of the Moving Image in Queens, scratching his face in the process. They said he also pushed the man, who refused medical attention.

The tussle happened on the seventh day of a livestream that LaBeouf and two collaborators intend to have running 24 hours a day for the next four years.

They have invited the public to repeat the phrase “He will not divide us,” into a camera mounted on an outdoor wall.

It was unclear whether the camera captured any of Thursday’s confrontation, but it did show the aftermath, including LaBeouf being handcuffed and led off by police.

In the moments before his arrest, he issued a plea into the camera.

“Hey, be nice. Everybody be nice down here, man. Just be nice! That’s the only requirement. Be nice!” he said. “That’s all I ask. Be nice. Pro this, pro that. Cool. But be nice.”