Target to spend $250M to remodel Twin Cities stores

MINNEAPOLIS (AP) — Target Corp. will spend $250 million to give 28 stores a top-to-bottom makeover in an effort to revive sales in the Twin Cities.

The project is the largest investment that the Minneapolis-based retailer will make in any single market this year, The Star Tribune reported .

“We love our hometown,” said Mark Schindele, Target’s senior vice president of properties. “Our friends and family shop here. It’s one of our most important markets in the entire country. We also have some older SuperTargets here, so it was time for an update.”

Some of the stores haven’t been updated in about 15 years, Schindele said.

The move is part of a more than $1 billion effort to refurbish about 325 stores around the U.S. in order to better compete with retailers such as Amazon and Walmart.

“It brings shoppers back in,” said CEO Brian Cornell. “They’re shopping more often. They’re discovering new parts of the store. So it’s increasing both traffic and basket size.”

The improvements will include a new counter for online orders, a display near the entrance with seasonal home goods and apparel, additional self-checkout lanes, new produce bins and grocery displays, an elevated beauty department and a nursing room. Stores will also receive updated flooring, lighting, new colors and upbeat music streaming.

Target also plans to add 10 liquor stores in the area.

The remodels will be done in various waves in the coming months, with five projects currently in progress. Work typically takes three to five months, depending on the store’s size.

The company hopes to remodel the majority of stores in the area by 2022, Schindele said.