Labat, DeCramer elected to Marshall City Council

MARSHALL — The Marshall City Council will have one new face and one returning member in 2019. After local elections Tuesday night, Marshall City Council member John DeCramer was re-elected in Marshall’s Ward 1, while Russ Labat was elected in Ward 2.

“I’m ecstatic,” Labat said Tuesday night. He said he wanted to thank Marshall voters for their support, and he hoped as a new council member he could take a fresh look at city issues. “There’s a tremendous amount of good things going on (in Marshall). I want to continue that,” he said.

DeCramer said Tuesday that he was pleased with the election results, and was ready to serve for another term. DeCramer said he wanted to show appreciation both for the voters and for his opponent, Don Edblom. Both DeCramer and Edblom had experience serving the city, he said. While the Ward 2 race was contested, “It would be a win-win,” in terms of quality candidates, DeCramer said.

In Ward 1, DeCramer received 70 percent of the vote, with 908 votes cast. Candidate Don Edblom received 363 votes. In the Ward 2 race, Labat received 58 percent of the vote, with 1,085 votes cast. That means he will fill the council seat currently occupied by David Sturrock. Sturrock received 751 votes Tuesday.

Marshall’s Ward 3 city council race was uncontested. Council member Craig Schafer was re-elected, with 1,298 votes.