Lyon County approves ditch repair near School Grove Lake

MARSHALL — Plans to repair the drainage system on a ditch near School Grove Lake in northeastern Lyon County took another step forward last week. Lyon County commissioners approved ditch repairs, including a new pump, on County Ditch 5.

Back in January, commissioners had heard a petition for ditch repairs on County Ditch 5. The ditch drains about 750 acres of land in Lucas Township, and has a wet well and pumps that outlet into School Grove Lake. Hammer said the pumps were failing, and had out-of-date electrical controls. Landowners served by the ditch had requested the county appoint an engineer to report on repairs for the system.

In January, commissioners passed a motion to reject the ditch petition, but still go ahead and get quotes for the repair. If the petition had been approved, the petition process would also have required the landowners to file a bond, Lyon County Attorney Rick Maes said.

On July 2, Lyon County assistant planning and zoning administrator Todd Hammer, and John Fahey of Hydro Engineering, presented commissioners with sketches and price quotes for a replacement pump. The quotes presented to commissioners came to a total of $22,834.

Maes said the main concern for the county was to verify whether the project was a ditch repair, and not an improvement. Commissioner Gary Crowley moved the board approve the repair, with one pump. The motion passed.