About 800 brave snowy conditions to check out RV, boat show

MARSHALL — In spite of the snow storm taking out the Saturday showing of the first annual RV, Boat and Outdoor Show at the Red Baron Expo center, the vendors are making plans to come back again next year, said Darin Rahm, director of the Marshall Convention and Visitors Bureau.

Rahm and Ron Prorok, the bureau’s special events coordinator, were pleased with the turnout out of about 800 people Friday and Sunday.

“You can never plan for a historic storm,” Rahm said. “It definitely hampered our turnout, but those who could make it got one-on-one attention from the vendors. However, you want to get it in before farmers get into the field.”

“I’m very excited about the feedback from the vendors,” Prorok said. “Almost all of them are excited about coming back again next year.”

The vendors included names such as Rebel Campers from Clara City, Shetek Marine from Slayton, NB Golf Carts from Hendricks and Marshall Small Engine and Action Sports both of Marshall. Others also included Marshall Spa and Pool and Lyon County Invasive Species.

“The Lyon County Invasive Species group showed how important it is to clean your boats before taking them to a different lake,” Rahm said. “So the invasive species do not spread.”

Rahm also said that with the 15 vendors who had registered, they had run out of floor space and had to turn some away. He said that this show would go hand in hand with the Home Show, but would have to cover the ice on the rink side in order to make more vendor space.

“It was great working with the Red Baron Expo maintenance staff,” Rahm said. “They did an excellent job clearing snow from the doorway and the parking lot for the safety of the people who attended.”

Those who did make it in to the show included whole families.

“We had several families come in,” Rahm said. “When you’re looking at these types of items, you should bring in the whole family to test things out.”

The displays were quite enticing, Rahm said. When he walked through the display area, it got him thinking about a new purchase of his own.