Tracy recall election set for Tuesday

TRACY — Voters here will go the polls Tuesday to decide if Tracy Councilman Tony Peterson should be recalled.

Voters can cast their votes inside the gym at City Hall from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m.

The ballot will ask voters, “Shall Councilmember Tony Peterson be recalled?” Voters will mark either yes or no.

“A recall election is just to get a yes, he’s out, or no, he stays,” Interim Administrator Shane Daniels said. “If he’s voted out, a special election will be held to replace him. If he stays, he just continues as he has been.”

City Attorney Matthew Gross said the city is limited when scheduling a special election.

“Statutes give only four days per year when these elections can take place. And Feb. 13 was the soonest (this recall election) could get done,” he said.

“A simple majority vote either way would win,” Daniels said. “The next special election date will likely be the second Tuesday in May, if needed.”

Peterson was contacted Wednesday for his input on the upcoming recall election but refused to comment.

The certified petition calling for a recall election cited Councilman Peterson for overstepping his authority and bullying city employees.

The recall election was approved at the Oct. 23, 2017, council meeting.